About the Centre

The Centre for Cultural, Media and Communication Studies (CKMKS) at the Faculty of Arts, Palacký University in Olomouc was founded as a platform associating research activities of staff members of different departments at the Faculty of Arts and other sites in the Czech and Slovak Republics who pedagogically participate in study programmes of Cultural Studies, Media Studies and Communication Studies majors. The CKMKS’s aspiration is to arch over the research activities common to its members who institutionally fall within different workplaces, but who are interlinked by their research interests in the fields of the three, usually closely connected subjects.

The content of the CKMKS’s activities is the theoretical reflection and analysis of specific themes and phenomena included in the frame of mentioned subjects.

The results of the CKMKS’s activities are published in the Culture-Media-Communication Review (K-M-K), which is the main publication platform of the CKMKS, and at conferences in the Czech Republic and foreign countries.

The research activity of the CKMKS is as well closely interconnected with educational occupation of its members and co-workers who present the findings of their inquiry during the class-work, eventually involve the students directly into the research.

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