The research activities of the CKMKS focus on the interdisciplinary inquiry into the fields of cultural, media and communication studies, particularly the interrelations among culture, media and communication, their contexts, conceptualizations and analyses primarily (nevertheless not entirely) in terms of the social sciences.

This declared interdisciplinarity is not only an inevitable precondition given by the nature of listed subjects, but also a consequence resulting from the nature of particular topics whose scientific reflection is taking place across traditionally established subjects because it transcends the frame of these subjects (philology, sociology, philosophy, history etc.).

The members of the CKMKS focus particularly on the theoretical reflection and analysis of the:

  • metamorphoses of media communication in time of coexistence of traditional and new media
  • news discourse
  • reception of media representations of reality as cultural practices
  • behaviour of media audiences
  • philosophy of media
  • history of the Czech media
  • specifics of visual communication