The K-M-K Review

The Culture–Media–Communication Review was an interdisciplinary periodical which focuses on publication of original texts from the realm of cultural, media and communication studies. The three words listed in the title represent the central notions by which the content of the periodical is defined. The interrelations among culture, media and communication, their contexts, conceptualizations and analyses, primarily (nevertheless not entirely) in terms of social sciences, form the main axis of the Review’s content.

The Review was particularly conceived as a consistently interdisciplinary platform for publications of staff members of the Faculty of Arts, Palacký University who participate in preparing and realizing the study programmes Cultural Studies, Media Studies and Communications Studies – this concerns not only the members of the home department which realizes the majors and prepares the periodical, but also members of other departments (of Sociology and Adult Education, Czech Studies, Romance Studies, History and others) and sites of the Czech and Slovak Republics. An important part of the Review’s conception is publishing texts of other researches, including the foreign ones, who attend to topics falling within the Review’s content or listed subjects.

The mentioned interdisciplinarity is an inevitable precondition given by the central notions themselves and resulting topics – their scientific reflection takes place across traditionally established subjects because they transcend the frame of these subjects (philology, sociology, philosophy, history, etc.).

obálka sborníku Média dnes

The Review picks up on the volume Media Today: Reflection on Mediality, Media and Media Content (eds. Foret, M. – Lapčík, M. – Orság, P.; Olomouc, Univerzita Palackého 2008, ISBN 978-80-244-2023-3; 431 pages) – see the presentation (contents and abstracts of particular papers – česky, english, deutsch).

Two regular volumes and two special volumes of the K-M-K Review was published in 2009.